Lent: A Look at the Desire to Control Our Lives

Lent has lost a bit of it’s original intent over the years.  We have come to view it as a time to give up chocolate or coffee, instead of a season to ask the Lord to change something that we cannot change on our own.  This year I would love to have you join me in looking at the theme of control during the Lenten season.  It’s so easy to want to be in control of our lives, and I hope to give a little insight along the way about this reality. I will post a daily reflection here on The Petree Dish.  If you would like to join in, you can have each daily post sent your email by signing up on the home page.

Lent 2012 begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday!  My prayer is that the Lord would draw each of us closer to Himself through this season of asking Him to teach us how to surrender ourselves fully to Him.


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