Knowing Jesus

If I had to pick one verse in the Bible that has impacted me more than any other it would have to be Phil 3: 7-8.  “But whatever things were gain to me, these I have considered loss because of Jesus.  But more than that, I consider all to be loss on account of the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord through whom I lost all, and I consider all mere garbage’s so that I might gain Christ.”  Now what would compel a man at the end of his life to say these words?  To say that everything that I am, have accomplished, everything that I own, oversee, every relationship, friendship, it is all mere garbage compared to knowing Jesus.

Something happened in Paul’s life that made him shift his focus from privilege, power and influence to Jesus.  Paul had an encounter with God that changed his life.  He was going this way, and God stopped him in his tracks and pointed him that way.  But that was not the big thing in Paul’s life.  The big thing was that he began to spend his time getting to know this one named Jesus.  Chances are if you are reading these words you have had some sort of encounter with God.  Maybe it was a time when you said yes to following Him, and while that is a big deal, Paul would tell us that the most important thing, the one thing that really makes a difference, is knowing Jesus.

The best earthly example I have seen of this is marriage.  Many people have said yes to marriage, but the number of people who have decided to truly know their spouse is much smaller.  I can say yes to the idea of knowing my wife, but until I take the time to be with her, to make her a priority, to listen and speak and do life together; to learn about what makes her tick and let her in on the same in me, until I do that I am simply in a marriage not in a relationship.  The same goes for knowing Jesus.  I can “accept Him into me life”, even get excited about the idea of knowing Him, but until I decide to actually know Him, to be with Him, to sit and listen to His voice and believe that His Spirit is alive and well in me, then I will not understand Paul’s words in Phil 3.   Oh that I might know Him today…


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