Joy is our natural state

A while back, a buddy of mine gave me the book, “Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You”  One of the main contentions of the book is that joy is our most natural state as humans.  Sounds crazy I know, but stay with me.  The authors go on to state, “Being human and wanting joy are inseparable.”  We are creatures of joy.  At its essence, joy is relational.  Joy means someone is delighted to be with me and I like it.  Our creator made us with brains that want to operate with joy in charge, and our lives want to be filled with relationships that lead to joy.”

All of this sounds a little to idealistic until I turn to the scriptures.  In my reading today, joy came up three times!  “…filled with joy and wonder” (Lk 24:41); “they worshiped Him and returned to Jerusalem filled with great joy” (Lk 24:52); “shout for joy to the Lord” (Ps 100:1)  All three passages talk about returning to joy.  The travelers on the road to Emmaus we sad, but their encounter with Jesus returned them to joy.

I wonder if that is one of the main reasons for daily time with Jesus, to return to joy.  Maybe, just maybe it is our natural state.

Prayer: Oh Daddy, teach me what it means to experience true joy today.  Amen

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