Jesus and the wine

I’ve got the be honest, I love that the first sign of belief that John records in John 2 is when Jesus turns water into wine.  These guys were curious enough to follow this guy, but when they tasted the wine they were in!  “This beginning of his signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory, and his disciples believed in Him.”  (v.11)  What was it?  The taste, knowing that just moments before the water was dirty foot washing water, the abundance?

Mary had a belief in Jesus even before the disciples.  She had watched him grow up, remembered the voice of God that spoke to her about who he was and she believed that he was capable of the miraculous.  “Whatever He says to you, do it.” (v.5)  The servants also displayed a level of belief, for they did what he said and filled the waterpots to the top.  In fact, they were the first to know that Jesus’ first miracle was successful.  Not even the host of the party knew where this good wine came from.

The question for us today is do we know?  Do we know where the good “wine” comes from?  Do we have the faith to believe that Jesus is still performing miracles today and wants to bless out lives with abundance?  If we thing about it, every situation that turns south is just a party where the wine runs out.  Jesus wants to provide for all who believe.

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Yeah Shawn, this is one of my favorite stories for several reasons. 1) I think it’s so hilarious that Jesus turns water into wine (the really good potent stuff) after all the guests were already drunk. If that won’t kick somebodys’ religious pants off, I don’t know what will. 2) This is such an amazing revelation of the heart of God. Mary was so convinced of her place in God’s heart she pulled on heaven with full expectation … God honored her faith and she pulled into her day, (the beginning of Jesus’ miracles) something intended for another day! We know this because Jesus said, “it is not yet my time”.

Also, you asked about the miraculous. I can tell you indeed that God still does miracles. 1500 hundred students from around the world just got back to Redding, CA from 52 mission trips around the globe where they saw blind eyes opened, deaf ears hear, tumors disappearing under their hands as they prayed, and people who haven’t walked in years get up out of wheelchair and walk! I have my own miraculous story. I moved to Redding, CA twenty months ago, a full quadriplegic unable to move any of my limbs. Today I can kick my legs out and raise my arms almost to my shoulders. Something my neurologist described as “nothing short or miraculous”.

You are amazing, Shawn, I truly enjoy reading your “Petree Dish”!



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