It’s easy to be lazy!

“Work hard and become a leader.  Be lazy and become a slave.”  (prov 12:24)

It is so easy to be lazy.  It requires no effort and seems to be more natural than discipline.  The interesting thing is that the Word says that discipline = right relationship with God, which in turn = life!  So why the heck is laziness so easy to fall into.  I think it’s the short term thinking that gets us in trouble.  Even as I type I am reminded of Hebrews: “Discipline for the moment seems not be be joyful but sorrowful, but those who have been trained by it, it reveals the peaceful fruit of right relationship with God.”

In today’s text we are told to work hard and the result will be leadership.  I don’t think the writer of Prov was just referring to our vocational work.  I think he was speaking to us as husbands, fathers, neighbors and participants in the community.  To work hard is to serve, and ultimately to see all of work as service to God.  It may seems painful today to put in that extra time of listening to my wife, playing horsey so the kids can ride on my back, helping a friend in need, but the long term effects of serving God by serving others far outweight the seemingly short-term pain.

Prayer:  Lord, have mercy on me when I am lazy.  Show me many ways to serve others and not myself today.  Amen

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