Intimacy with Jesus

You and I were created for intimacy with God. This is the key component to living the life God has intended for us. We know that, but do we really believe that, and by believe it, I mean, does our day reflect this reality?

Most people I know have been in love. It’s amazing what happened when I fell in love with Anna. Time just suddenly appeared! We both thought we were busy before we fell for one another, but we quickly found ourselves spending numerous hours on the phone, sacrificing sleep, and being intentional about getting time with one another. Fast-forward 12 years into marriage. While we don’t have the same feeling of butterflies in our stomach when we see each other or talk on the phone, our marriage is exponentially better when we are intentional about one-on-one time together. I have found the same to be true with with Jesus. While I may not have the same emotional high as the season Jesus was “courting me into the Kingdom”, spending one-on-one time alone with Him drastically enhances our relationship.

I am slowly beginning to realize after 12 years of marriage, and a number of years of consistently getting time with Jesus, that the courting phase was nothing compared to the level of love and intimacy that is experienced when I simply spend time with the one(s) I love.

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