Intimacy is not easy

Intimacy is a tricky thing. It requires risk and that is something many of us have a hard time entering into. When we risk and open ourselves up to intimacy, we open ourselves up to potential hurt. What if we offer ourselves and we are rejected. What if we expose deep places of our heart only to have our movement toward intimacy squelched? One of my best friends has a saying, “Don’t stop yourself from doing something because your scared, just do it scared.” Intimacy requires that we enter into an unknown place without expectation of the outcome. That is not easy to do, but it is the only road to true relationship in our lives.

Jesus desires intimacy with us. He want to have access to every part of us, even the parts we tend to hold back from others. It is relatively easy to have a “quiet time.” We can read a little scripture, pray for a few family members and friends and check out time with Jesus for the day off of our list. One of the scariest, most rewarding things I have discovered is to sit quietly with Jesus waiting for him to respond. A verse that has helped me along the way is, “Cease striving and know that I am God.” I do my best to STOP, QUIT IT, to BE STILL and know that HE is in control. And that he longs to whisper to me that I am his son. I can only hear that when I risk and just do my best to sit and listen to the voice of the One who calls us the Beloved.

Jesus himself needed to hear these words from the Father. In the Gospels we often see Jesus getting away to a solitary place to be with God and God alone. I have to ask myself today, is there room for that in my life? Am I making space for God to get at me?

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