“…in whom I am well pleased”

This is the Son of me, my Beloved, in whom I am well pleased”  Matt 4:17

Jesus hasn’t done anything that should warrant God being pleased with him.  His ministry hasn’t begun, no miracles performed, no healings, no significant relationships that we are aware of, no cross, and yet God calls him Beloved and says he is pleased with him.  Next vs, “Then Jesus was lead into the wilderness to be tempted”, what were these temptations really about?  I think they tie in with Matt 4:17.   Jesus already had his Father’s approval, and now he was being tempted with a core human issue, to get our worth from other people/things instead of from God.

“stones to bread” – get your worth from what you do

“jump from the temple” – get your worth from what others say about you

“I will give you all these things” – get your worth from your possessions.

Wow, that sounds familiar.  I am tempted by those things every day.  Tempted to get my worth, my value from what I do, what others say about me, and from what I own.  In the midst of that God is saying the same words to me that he said to Jesus, “Shawn, you are loved, I am pleased with you.”  I love that God said those words to Jesus before he DID anything.  That gives me hope that I am loved simply because of who God.

Prayer: Jesus, you were tempted by Satan to get your worth from what you did, what others said about you and what you owned.  I am tempted by that too, every day.  Give me your wisdom to recognize when that it happening, and remind me often that I am loved.  Those words from Matt 4:17 are for me too, I too and the beloved of God.  Help me to lean into that reality.  Amen

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