I need to perform

Yesterday when I got home from work, our two kids wife and I got out in the yard to plant a few bushes.  Our 3 year old Moriah was all about helping with the waterhose.  She was standing there holding the water with a “big girl” grin on her face.  Everytime I turned my head she would yell out, “Daddy, Daddy, look, I’m giving the plant a drink.”  I would turn around and affirm her, go back to digging, and then I would hear it again, “Daddy, daddy…”

Surely we have to perform.  Somewhere in Moriah it is imbedded in her to want to receive praise and affirmation, to earn her praise.  The same goes for me.  No matter how hard I work at combatting it, that notion of earning comes to the surface.  Something in me even want to prove that I am worthy of God’s love.  So it was with the Isrealites. ” The Lord did not choose you because you were larger or great… It was because He loves you.”  (Deut 7:7&8)  The truth is, it’s not about performance, what we can “do” for God.  It’s not about gaining power or influence, it’s not even about adding to the number of people who are “saved”.  It’s about being chosen by the Creator of all things.  It’s about being God’s son.  He chose us not because of who we are or what we can do for Him, but simply because he loves us.

Prayer:  Lord, help me not to perform today for your acceptance.  Help me to simpy understand that I am loved my you.  Amen

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