I Have Seen the Lord

“I have seen the Lord!” (Jn 20:18 ) That is one of my favorite statements in scripture.  It is a short exclamation, but there is so much in those five words.

It ‘s early in the morning and Mary Magdalene is still in shock.  She can’t believe Jesus is dead.  She doesn’t know what to do except go and be as close to his body as possible.  After Peter and John examine the empty tomb Mary is left there alone.  She doesn’t understand what has happened.  She thinks the gardener has taken Jesus, and pleads with him to tell her where he took him.  I love the words from Jesus that brings her to realize that Jesus has risen from the dead.  “Mary”, Jesus says her names and she believes.

“I have seen the Lord” is the perfect summation of what happened on the miraculous first Easter day.  This cry from Mary testifies to the resurrection.  If she saw him then that means He came back.  I really like how personal this is too.  Mary could have run back into town and said, “Jesus is alive!”, but an intimate account carried much more weight.

What about you, have you seen the Lord?  I don’t means physically, but have you seen Him.  I know for me that seeing Him changed my life forever.

He is Risen!!!

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