I AM is here

“Take courage, it is I.  Do not fear.”  (Mark 6:50)

Unfortunately, the significance of this text is lost in the translation.  At this point in Mark’s  gospel, the disciples are still trying to figure out who this Jesus is.  After all, these 12 friends of his are all Jewish, they have been looking for a Messiah, but the thought of Jesus being the One doesn’t even register.
So, after a long day of ministering to the people, the disciples head for the boat and Jesus goes to be with the Father.  As the story goes, the wind is dead in their faces and things are not looking good.  Jesus walks to them on the water and says, “Do not fear, I AM (is hear).”
The disciples knew who I AM was, God, Yaheweh.  Jesus shows up in the midst of a fearful situation and says, “I AM.”  That’s more significant than we can even grasp.  I AM not only showed up that day in the person of Jesus, but he shows up in our lives today with the same message, “Do not fear, don’t worry, I AM is here.”

Prayer:  Jesus, help me to catch a glimpse of your power.  Help me to believe you as I AM.  Amen

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