For a long time the church has subtly taught us that humility is thinking less of ourselves than others.  Unfortunately this kind of thinking often leads to us thinking negatively about ourselves.  Once we start down that road we cant carry out one of Jesus’ greatest commandments, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt 22:39)  Humility is not thinking less of ourselves.  I love the definition that Chris Vallatton gives in Supernatural Ways of Royalty, “true humility is not the absence of confidence, but strength restrained.”  He goes on to say, “humility is an issue of the heart.  We must purpose our heart to know our greatness yet not exalt ourselves higher than we ought.”

How are you doing with being humble?  What do you think of yourself?  Do you see yourself as a child of God destined for greatness, or do you see yourself as a screw up that God is putting up with?  How we view ourselves has a direct effect on our ability to be humble.  We must see ourselves as strong and courageous men and women of God who are co-heirs of his Kingdom.  This kind of thinking allows us to live in humility and offer our strength to others.

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