How could he not be bitter?

The guy deserved to get the reward.  He worked hard, was diligent, and yet when he didn’t get what he thought was coming his way, he didn’t get upset.  How is that possible?  Moses had to have been one of God’s most faithful followers.  But one day in the wilderness he tries to show off, disobey God, and get’s told that he will not enter the Promise Land.  In the midst of Moses’ recap of all the Lord has taken he and his people through he says this, “But I said to you, don’t be afraid! The Lord your God is going before you you.  He will fight for you.”  (Deut 1:29)

Somehow Moses isn’t bittter.  Even though his ultimate dream of entering the Promised Land is not going to happen, he is confident that the Lord knows what he is doing.  This is a great reminder that it’s better to not be in control.  Everything in me wants to do that, but God knows better.  He can do it, he can handle it, his plan is always better.

Prayer:  Lord, as Easter week is in the shadows, let me not forget that through the Resurrection I have been tranformed.  I too have been raised from death to life, and I can no longer fear.  Bless this day oh Lord, and teach me to trust your plan.  Amen

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