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As this month comes to a close, I’ll close out my “rant” about the offer of Jesus for us to live life to the fullest..  This last aspect is something that comes and goes for me.  I lean towards being a serious person, yet I learned a number of years ago that fun is a major component of experiencing life the way Jesus intended.

I have had two great teachers in my life around fun.  The first is my wife Anna.  She is a very fun person and draws out that side of me.  I have learned so much from her over the years about taking life as it comes and enjoying it, regardless of circumstances.   She does not let situations dictate her ability to enjoy life, and even if she does get down, she is able to quickly see the big picture and realize that life is too short not to enjoy it.

My second teacher is Eugene Peterson.  In his book, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, he quotes the Westminster Catechism,  “The chief end of man is to love God and enjoy Him forever.”  He goes on to talk about the importance of not taking ourselves too seriously, and keeping this idea of enjoyment of God in front of us each day.  As I wake up each morning I can chose to incorporate fun into my day.  There are countless circumstances that come up that can cause to me to get down, but I can also chose to have fun in the midst of chaos.  I’m a pretty conscientious person, so at times I even feel guilty for having fun when there is so much hurt and pain around me, but I continue to be reminded that enjoyment of life and having fun on a consistent basis is very life giving.  I believe Jesus affirms this choice, and continue to see the fruit of choosing to enjoy life.

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Good words, Shawn, on the blog. Eugene Petersen is Presbyterian. Maybe you, too, are being drawn that way. Have you got into Bonhoeffer yet? He was Lutheran, you know. . . What the Germans call Evangelisch, as opposed to Rom. Cath. Or the free churches like Baptist, Brethren, etc. Have a great time in California. You are the man!

Thanks Russ! You never know, I may be on the same track as ya’ll in terms of Presbyterian. We had our “fireside chat” with Earl on Wed. It was great. 12 of us getting to benefit from his insight. We talked about Bonhoeffer’s “religionless” religion, following Jesus without all of the religious jargon. Pretty remarkable ideas. He was quite the disciple. We made it to Cali. The sun is out and we are looking foreword to a fun day at the beach with the California Guppy’s! Have a great weekend and thanks for picking up Lucy and watching her. Ya’ll are awesome! And let’s me clear, You are the man!

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