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Was Jesus interested in the will of his Father even above his relationship to his family?   I have witnessed a number of people use the end of Mark 3 to justify their neglect of family for the sake of the Kingdom.  I have heard too many stories of ministers who were so busy saving the world that they didn’t have time for family.  On the other end of the spectrum, I have seen a lot of guys that have neglected the will of God and what He was calling them to in order to keep things smooth in the household.

Jesus had a way of doing the will of God without neglecting his role a son and brother.  At the end of Mark 3 it appears that doing the will of God is synonymous with belief.   Jesus is very interested in engaging in relationship with those who are doing the will of God, those who believe.  How do we do this?  How do we grow in relationship with our family and at the same time do the will of the Father?  We must begin with belief.  Belief that God desires for us to have healthy vibrant relationships with our family members, and also to sacrifice time with them to carry out the will of God.  Belief that God has invited us to participate with Him in his work in our family and in the world.  Belief that we have a role to play.

It’s not an either/ or with God.  He has designed us for vibrant relationship with our family.  He has also designed us to enter into the “work of the Master”.  It’s not so much about having a balanced life as it is having a fruitful life on the home front and in the world.

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Is our family our mission field? How many “men and women of God” neglect their own wife and children going to their “ministry”? Or they are a totally different person when they get home from “ministering”? How many of us stumble over those in need all around us to get to our “ministry?” If we are honest we all do this at times. I think the problem lies in how we see our own relationship with Jesus, and what that means as far as our “work for Him”, or should I say our “work with Him”. Or another question, “what is our responsibility in our relationship with Jesus?” Jesus tells us that whatever we do to the least of these we do unto Him. This is the measure. Do we see everyone around us as our mission field, as our ministry? Or are we going off to “do ministry”? Are we not called to be the gospel, instead of doing the gospel? This brings me to something I just read in Mark 5. Jairus wants Jesus to come to his house to heal his daughter, and he says yes. On the way Jesus is touched by the women who had been bleeding for many years. He stops and talks with her, he knew that power had left him, he tells her that her faith has healed her. Jairus is then told that his daughter has died and there is no need for Jesus to come to his home. Jesus says, “don’t be afraid; just believe.” I always wonder how Jairus was feeling. I know I would have wanted Jesus to get there in a hurry, forget about helping anyone else, or healing anyone else on the way. Time was of utmost importance, we do not have time to waste. But Jesus is not in a hurry, he is present to the moment, present to each person he comes into contact with. He is fully engaged, and alive where he is. He knows who he is and is comfortable with taking his time even if it meant Jairus might be uptight about it. He was in His own space, being totally true to His calling and the doing of His Father’s will. That is why people are healed along the way, and why he can calmly tell Jairus to not be afraid, just believe. What this says to me is that ministry (loving) happens when we are totally focused, consecrated, and being one with Jesus. And it happens, many times, when we do not expect it to happen, because it is just a by product of being one with Jesus. In fact the more we can stop trying to figure out when, where, and to whom we minister to, and just allow the Holy Spirit to use us all the time the more powerful our “ministry” will be. I think we need to get out of this mind set, and just allow the Holy Spirit to take us over completely so we are ministers 24/7. Amen and Amen! I am just a beginner in all of this and need total reliance on the Holy Spirit. May others see Jesus when they look at us, that should be our focus. Amen?!!

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