Getting Away

A good friend of mine, Sean McConnell, wrote a song titled “Weekend with the Boys” a few years ago.  It tells a great story of the guys getting away for the weekend.  Every time I listen to this song I am reminded of the importance of getting away with friends.  There is something that happens when friends stay overnight together, no matter what the age.

I started doing a few annual trips with buddies a number of years ago, and these trips have really solidified our friendships.  Some of the trips are purely for fun, like our trips to Vashon Island, affectionately known by our crew as “The Shon.”  Some of our trips have a spiritual component, like are trips to see Father Rock, and some are our trips are just simply to get out of the day to day and remember what is really important in life.  One of my favorite trips is with my buddy Ryan.  Every year we throw the kayak on top of the car and head up to the San Juan Islands.  We paddle for 4 days, stay on different islands each night, build a campfire, eat good food, talk about what is really going on in life and have a chance to connect with Jesus in a significant way.

Some people say, “Wow, you wife is ok with you doing these trips?”  My response, “She sees the fruit of me getting away.  She is very supportive of me having a healthy outlet for adventure, and is grateful that I have meaningful relationships with other men.”  The reality is that both men and women need to get away and be with friends.  It is part of God’s design for each of us.

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