Something occurred to me a few weeks ago as I sat before the body and blood of Jesus.  I’m all in on taking Holy Communion, The Lord’s Supper, The Eucharist… with others, but I also like to poor a little wine and grab a cracker, bless the elements and sit in the quiet of our home. (Chances are your theological red flag is waving rapidly at this point.  Just insert your interpretation of the Lord’s Supper and keep reading.) As I sat there looking at the cracker and wine I saw the friendship and forgiveness of Jesus.

FRIENDSHIP, “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.”  (Jn 1:14 msg) God became flesh, and with that great reality we were invited into friendship with our Creator.  FORGIVENESS, “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” (Heb 9:22)  This one wasn’t such a realization, as blood is easy to associate with forgiveness, but when I put the two together, Friendship and Forgiveness, I saw Holy Communion in a new light.

We are offered the friendship and forgiveness of Jesus every day, throughout the day.  Our part is to receive it, and we have to receive both.  Jesus’ friendship alone can turn into a “Jesus is my homeboy” walk with Christ; and his forgiveness without friendship can be about sin management instead of abundant life.   I want both, I need both is friendship and forgiveness today.  There is life for us through his body and blood.


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