Faith of A Saint

I still remember Luke 2:8-16, King James Version, by heart. My grandmother took us to vacation bible school in the summers, and this passage was drilled into us for 5 days straight one summer. Every Advent season I think of her and the belief that she helped build into me.

Memom, we called her, not only encouraged my faith, but specifically she taught me the importance of sitting at Jesus’ feet. Growing up I was amazed when I looked at her Bible. It was never far from the kitchen table, normally with a few extra pages or articles sticking out of it. There were pages in that Bible that were so marked up with thoughts, prayers, and references that you could barely see the original ink. I benefited from her teaching me who Christ is, but watching her live out her faith each day was the real gift. Her time with the Lord, and the importance of that time, was a real testament to a life of faith that I desire.Memom bible

After a few weeks of slowly going through the first few chapters of the Gospels ten years ago I was intrigued. Maybe there was something to this invitation from the Lord to cultivate faithfulness.   By pulling back the hood and taking a second look I realized I was in the beginning stages of realizing the emphasis that Jesus placed on belief. I wonder if He himself had to believe.

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