Exceptional Miracle

Did you know that there is only one miracle that appears in all 4 Gospels.  We often get an eyewitness account, or one of the Gospel writers version of an eyewitness acct, but only one story makes it into all 4 books, Matt, Mark, Luke and John.  It is the miracle of the feeding of the 5000.  Why is this?  What is it about this story that is so impactful that each of the four storytellers of Jesus made sure they gave us the play-by-play. Maybe it is to keep reminding us that God is our provider.  That he is the God who comes, who asks us to offer what we have in gifts, talents, and financial resources back to him.  Our tendency is to consider what we have as ours.  To believe that our time, our abilities and our resources are for our own benefit.  The reality is that none of it is ours.  Everything we have, everything we are, everything we own is because of Him.

Prayer:  Jesus, I offer what I have to you this day and believe that you will use it to further your Kingdom.  Amen

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