I’ve read the book of Ephesians a few times over the years.  A couple of things stood out, but nothing of particular note when I looked at Ephesians 3 this past weekend after a friend referenced it.  I decided to do something that Connie (founder of Teleios) taught me when reading scripture: read a verse or two and dig in with the Greek text and commentaries.  That’s right, just a verse or two for the whole reading.  I did this with Eph 3:16 yesterday and my mind is still spinning.

The English version is powerful in itself:  “that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man”  Ok, keep that in mind as you read the same verse in the Greek understanding:

That He would make a covenant or grant to you, in proportion to His largeness and the wealth of His glory, to be empowered or made strong, with supernatural power through His Spirit into the interior or inside man. 

I’ll do my best to unpack this.  This is a prayer of Paul asking God to make a covenant or grant to the Ephesians (and to us) to be empowered and made strong.  Paul is asking the Father to do this based on the largeness and expanse of His own glory.  “In proportion” is much more than just getting a portion.  “In proportion” is about abundance!  The prayer is that God would empower us, make us strong with supernatural power based on his own glory AND that all of this would happen through His Spirit.  But Paul doesn’t stop there!  At the end of this verse He uses the Greek work eis’, which means into.  Imagine this Supernatural Power entering into the inmost part of yourself, the “control room” so to speak.   The prayer is that the Spirit would invade our inmost being!

Takeaway for me: we are empowered with supernatural power through the Holy Spirit, and He does this by entering into the core of who we are.  We are recipients of this divine grace.  Thanks be to God!

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