There is a good chance that the best show on TV is getting canceled!  The Unit has been incredible these past three seasons.  I think my favorite part about it is that the boys (and this season Red Cap) keep going to places where there is danger.  While most people retreat from danger, they enter right into it.  At any point they could be taken out by the enemy, or possibly their own government, but their conviction keeps them going back into the line of fire.

Through watching the show I realized that the one leading the command center is called “Dogpatch.”  That might as well have been Jesus’ call sign. He kept going into places and situations that would get him killed, but his conviction kept him going back.  “It wouldn’t do for a prophet of God to be killed except in Jerusalem.” (Lk 13:33)  Isn’t that just like the heart of God to continue to pursue his chosen people the Israelites.  He he is in the hub of his people group, and they want to kill him.  They are literally plotting to take his life, yet he continues to love them.  That is the way Jesus is toward me too.  I continue to deny him, fail him, abandon him, and yet he comes.  He is the God who comes, who show up in my life regardless of my response to him.

Prayer: Lord, in spite of my consistent rejection of you in order to go my own way, please keep showing up to rescue me.  I need your rescue.  Amen

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