Do I have to jump around?

The Holy Spirit has gotten bad press.  Many Christians hardly even consider the Holy Spirit because they are not part of a Pentecostal church.  I have to be honest, I am not part of the “Pentecostal movement”, and up until a few years ago I let my knowledge of the Holy Spirit come primarily from what I heard about practices at these churches.  People being “slain in the spirit”, speaking in tongues, baptized in the Holy Spirit, raising hands, getting loud, and dancing in the isle.  I had never actually seen any of this take place, but I knew that none of it interested me, so I dismissed all of it, including any real focus on the Holy Spirit.

I remember the first book I read about the Spirit.  It was, “How to Obtain the Fullness of Power” by RA Torrey.  A couple of his statements in the first paragraph drew me in.  “The Holy Spirit is the One who imparts to the individual believer the power that belongs to God.”  He goes on to say, “A very large portion of the church knows and claims for itself a very small part of that which God has made possible for them in Christ, because they know so little of what the Holy Spirit can do for us.”

Basically, what he Torrey is getting at is that we have “thrown the baby out with the bath water.”  I’m still not completely sure what the saying means, but it seems like a good place to insert it.  The majority of “main stream Christians”, including myself, have primarily dismissed the power of the Holy Spirit in hopes to not get caught up in the craziness.  As a result we are missing out on the very gift that Jesus left us when he departed from the earth.


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so true. i actually just went to a three day healing conference last week. i was a little skeptical at first. it was the first time i had ever witnessed mass miraculous healing. i was also filled with the spirit of joy to where i was laughing so hard i could hardly breathe for about 2 hours during (and following) worship. there was jumping and dancing in (and around) the isles a lot. the whole experience opened my eyes to what it looks like to operate in the power and freedom of the Spirit.

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