“If we want to be disciples (pause), we must learn to live a disciplined life.”  That was the opening line that Henry Noewen spoke at his conference on Solitude, Community, Ministry.  His voice is etched in my brain, and his wisdom from that simple statement is profound.

(see the past two posts) Father Rock’s third “leg” of the ROD teaching is on DISCIPLINE.  He contends that if we desire to be like Jesus we must develop a lifestyle of discipline.  According to Rock discipline is the perfecting of mental, moral and spiritual character.  It is behavior that is patterned, training that molds character.  A discipline is a teachable person.

What must one do to be disciplined? (according to Father Rock)

  1. Follow time honored wisdom
  2. Do not swerve from important duties such as DAILY PRAYER
  3. Root out weakness of character (procrastination, lateness, forgetfulness)
  4. Follow the model of Jesus in the Gospels
  5. Do what works well for you
  6. Go to bed and get up at a descent hour

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You referred to Henry Nouwen so I thought you might appreciate this quote of his that I have taped inside the cover of my bible: “Prayer is God’s invitation to enter His throne room so He can lay His agenda over our hearts.”

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