Day 4: Fishing the lakes

Are you kidding me?  What a day, what a trip!  The weather Day 4 was a little hot for fishing, but perfect for being on a small lake.  We got up morning four and went through our morning ritual:   Breakfast spread from Jason, talking through one of the themes of Wild at Heart,  and three men sharing their life story.  Pretty great way to start the day.  After that we had lunch together at the lodge, and geared up for our first day on the lakes.  Image


We arrived at the lakes to a pretty incredible scene.  There was a large trailer with 6 single-floater pontoon boats for us to get out on the lake and fish from the water.  The ratio of guides to men that day was 3 to 1.  Me and two of the guys headed to one corner of the lake with our guide and worked on technique.  Fishing lakes was a whole different deal than the river.  The back cast could easily get caught in the weeds behind you, so doing it right was important.  After a few hours from the shore (not catching anything) I decided to take on the challenge of the pontoon boat.  It was a pretty great concept, being out on the open water casting with no weeds behind me.  It was fun, but we realized after a few hours that it was just too warm for the fish to want to eat.  They had all gone to the bottom of the lake and were hunkered down. I decided to abort the pontoon and take the opportunity to work on my technique with one of the guides.  That was my highlight of the day! For an hour Chris worked with me on how to cast a fly fishing rod.  It was like being at the golf driving range with a profession swing coach. By the time we finished up at the lakes, Chris had me casting like I had been doing it for year, amazing experience!

One of the best things I realized Day 4 is how “unplugged” I was.  No cell phone distraction, no email, just being present with the men on the trip and getting time with Jesus.  We got back to the lodge and had appetizers and wine of the deck.  I headed to the hot tub with one of the guys and we unpacked all that we were learning on the trip about ourselves and Jesus.  One more day of fishing to come…

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Thanks for doing this and bringing it back to me. It still feels fresh to me and it’s been almost a week. I am grateful for the time spent with you and the others. I now “know” 11 more men in my life who I can call on for support and a listening ear. “Stand together, or get picked off alone”. And for me it’s “Let go, Let God”!


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