Day 3

At 6:30a on Day 3 we awoke with an eagerness to get after it, so we had a quick breakkfast, packed up camp and hit the water. Our best stretch of paddling was found early that morning as we went back the same way we came. The water was flowing in our favor (still unsure of the proper terminology for what the water was doing) and we did what took us 5 hours the day before in 2 ½.   We were back on the water after a 10:30a lunch on the same island from Day 2 (the trail mix chaser was not as dazzling for some reason).  The waves were crazy big on our crossing but for a change, they were with us!  We passed “the buoy” and had a good little chuckle at ourselves. We also saw that nasty rip tide laughing at us from the distance but, by 11:40a we had our campsite in view. Rough water tried to bully us as we approached the campsite, but we made it…..another notch on our nautical belt.
We spent the day eating, napping and hiking. There was a map of the island and it listed a place called Duck Lake. When we arrived to Duck Lake it was a disappointment to say the least.  We had imagined beautiful clear water, grassy meadows, and a whole afternoon of nothing but swimming and sunshine.  Nope.  Swamp would be a fitting description…. disappointingly; the lake was filled with seaweed and moss. Needless to say we didn’t swim. We made our way back to camp and enjoyed amazing weather, rest and restoration for our bodies and souls.
At 8:00p we were both sitting by the fire. Ryan looked comatose and I was so tired I couldn’t even think. We decided to break out the checkers and I made one of the worst moves ever recorded in the game snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. Backgammon was next, followed by cigars and campfire and bed.

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