Day 2 ends…finally

Back on the water around 2:30p, you would have thought we learned our lesson yet I went ahead and said, “Man, this is about as slack tide as it gets.” (We are throwing around terms of the sea as if we know what we are talking about.)  About 4p we see a sailboat heading to Sucia Island on a course way to the left, instead straight on as we had been attempting. Ryan mused aloud, “maybe they know something we don’t know”.  Of course, we didn’t want to break up a good theme so we ignored the example of the other boats (probably manned by Navy Admirals having a little R&R) and stayed our course. Ryan checked the map one more time and read that the area just in front of us was labeled “Rip Tides”. The greatest literary giants couldn’t begin to describe the washing machine of waves we found ourselves in….not to mention the ROCKS we were about to lose our young lives on.

It was horrendous and we obviously made it out…but, that was eight hours of paddling I wouldn’t wish even upon that mean kid in 4thgrade who….well, I digress.

There is a point to all of this. For now though, just think about all the warnings and wise counsel around us. There is much we miss whether it be for the sake of bravado or simply wanting to make it on our own…..and much of the time it is right there….right there in the advice of experts, if we just asked for it…..right there on the map, if we just knew how to read it…..right there in the example of those who have gone before…..

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