“Daddy, I wan’t to do it myself!”

Our daughter Moriah, age 3, is at a stage where she definitely doesn’t think she needs a helper.  Our typical ritual when I get home is to put both of the kids in their chairs, Elijah in his high chair, and Moriah in her booster chair, and feed them dinner while we prepare ours.  A few nights ago I went to lift Moriah into her chair and she got angry and teary and said, “No daddy, I want to do it myself!”  I literally had to take her out of her chair to let her get into it herself, in order to keep her from going into total meltdown.

Unfortunately, that is often my response to God the Father, “No Daddy, I want to do it myself.”  I think I know how to best lead my own life and how things should play out, so I go it alone.  Jesus knows this is our tendency and we get these words from him, “If I go away I will send the Helper to you.” (Jn 16:7)  With this Jesus is saying, “I know!”  I know you need help, even though you don’t believe it, so I am going to be with the Father and to allow the Spirit to come to you.

We all need help.  It’s how we were designed.  The question is, will we receive it?

Prayer:  Lord, help me to give up this deep desire to want to do everything on my own.  I need you help.  Amen

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