CRod continued

My friend and mentor Chuck introduced me to one of the lost arts of the church, in laymen’s terms: “reading the old guys”.  I had never read the writings of the Church Father’s, and certainly had never considered reading a prayer to God.  I learned this invaluable practice from Chuck, and it has had a huge impact on my journey with Christ.

Chuck brought me in slowly with a book titled, Who is God, Who and I, Who are You.  Next he me invited me out of the “shallow end” and put Way of the Ascetics, Celebration of Discipline and The Illumined Heart in my hand.  These books introduced me to a whole new way of approaching my walk with the Lord.  I had believed that I was the initiator of my relationship with Jesus.  I bought into the belief that when I showed up to pray (say things to God), He would notice my initiation and respond.  I learned from Chuck that I was not the initiator, not by a long shot!  Through Chuck’s teaching, reading prayers of the Early Church Father’s, these books and most of all the Holy Spirit, I have settled into the reality that God is the initiator of our relationship and the pursuer of my heart.

Another wonderful lesson I have learned from CRod is that feeling can’t run the show.  We are very prone in our culture today, and especially in Christian culture to do things based on feeling.  For instance, as a Young Life leader the temptation is to only go and visit the campus when you feel like it.  Unfortunately, you rarely ever feel like it!  I decided to follow Chuck’s model and go anyway.  Not only did that help me to visit the campus week after week for 13 years, but this idea of not letting feeling run the show has spilled over into every other area of my life.  What a gift to see that modeled to me early in my life!


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