Crazy Father

Honestly!  The guy was off his rocker.  The dad in the story of the prodigal son story didn’t get it.  No one loves like that, especially not a Jewish father.  It was no wonder the Jews couldn’t buy into the story.  They knew the law, and the law said to stone the boy.  “If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son…shall stone him to death.” (Deut 21:18)  As Jesus told the story about the Father waiting on his son, as he talked about the heart of God, the Jews simply could not comprehend it.  God was distant, all about the Law, and the boy in the story did not get what he deserved. 

Neither do we get what we deserve.  We deserve death for we are rebellious and stubborn, and yet while we were still a long way off, God came for us.  He fathers us, calls us his sons.  We are his Beloved.  “You can come home always to me.” 

Prayer: Oh Father, let it sink into my heart that you are my Father,that I am being fathered my you.

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