For a long time I believed that most of the bad stuff of my life, or good habits that I wanted to establish could be accomplished through accountability.   If I could get a few friends around me to “hold me to the fire” then all of my vices would go away, and good patterns would emerge.  While I believe strongly in walking intentionally with a few others, and believe that accountability is a big component of those relationships, I don’t think it’s what causes change.

Conviction is the catalyst to change.  Without conviction I am relying on others to keep me in line or help me develop good rhythms for my life.  My experience with conviction is that it happens through being with God and God alone.  Quietness before the Creator allows me to hear the wonderful and hard things the Father has to say to me.

Conviction is an interesting thing though.  If I am completely honest with myself I know what needs to shift in my life, what I need to add to my day and what needs to go.  Once I am willing to invite Jesus into these painful areas of life, then accountability with others can be a great tool for lasting change.

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