Coming out of hiding

“For where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” Matt 18:20

My temptation is to try and do life by myself.  It’s easier, more efficient, and I can be in control.  After all, in this faced paced world, I don’t really have time for others.  We live in a culture that worships busyness.  Just pay attention to a greeting at work or even from a friend, “How are you, you staying busy?”  I hate that greeting and most often my answer is, “No”, simply to get a reaction from the asker.  The truth remains, however, that it takes a conscious effort on my part not to do life on my own.
Jesus’ words in Matt invade this 21st century thinking that we buy in to.  His promise is  that if we will gather together, even two of us, then He will be there present.  That means Father, Son, Holy Spirit are present.  After all, the very essence of God is community.  His invitation today, and every day, is to enter into communion with Him and with others to live life together.   It takes time and labor to invest in others and allow them to invest in me.  But as Jesus tells us, it is powerful.  Having made the shift a number of years ago to living life with others, I can honestly say that it changed me, significantly, and for the better.  The invitation is communion with God and with others.

Prayer:  Lord, help me today not to do life own my own.  It seems so much easier at the time.  Help me to come out of hiding and open my life to You and others today.  Amen

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