Coming Out of Hiding

Every one of us has a tendency to hide.  We can call it human nature or blame it on Adam and Eve, but the reality is that we often hide from God and other people.  We don’t want to be “found out” for who we really are, because we are afraid of what other people think about us, and quite sure that God would not accept us if we were completely honest with Him.  The irony is that He already knows who we really are, loves us deeply, and longs for us to be exactly who He created us to be.

So how do we come out of hiding?  We know better than anyone what it is that we tend to hide from God and others.   We also know when we are presenting ourselves as someone we are not.  To risk and be vulnerable with a few close friends is a very life-giving discipline.  “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”(Jms 5:16) The fruit of confession is healing.  Another amazing fruit of confession is that we realize we are not alone.  If we dare to share our deepest doubts, fears and failures with trusted friends, we get to experience the mystery of intimacy.  It often seems like death to let others in (oh I couldn’t admit that about myself), but it is actually very life giving.   We all have a longing to be truly known and accepted as we are, not as we should be.

Coming out of hiding is not an easy process, nor it is a one-time event.  Because of this tendency to hide, we have to consistently check ourselves, and ask the difficult question: “What am I hiding from God and others right now?”  As we ask this difficult question of ourselves, we will move further down the road of “life to the fullest” that Jesus longs for us to experience.

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