Church as we know it?

Is church attendance a cop out for us?  It’s pretty easy to go to a place most Sunday’s, “worship God”, but never really experience the life God intended for us.  Paul says in Hebrews “Let us not give up meeting together, as is the habit of some…”

He’s talking about church right?  Gathering together: we can at least check this one off the list of Paul’s advice to us on how to experience life the way God intended.  After all, we go to church most Sunday’s,  we gathered together.  It’s interesting though to look at the word that Paul used, or rather the word that he avoided, when writing this part of the text.  He used a term, episunagoge, assembling or gathering of ourselves for Christian communion in private and public.  I believe he interntionally avoided using the term sunagoge, because he didn’t want his audience to be off the hook that easy.  Of course they attended synagogue worship, but that wasn’t enough.  What Paul was telling his listeners to do here was live life together.  Meet together often to encourage one another and not try to do this life on their own.

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