Choosing to Enjoy Today

Easter has come!  He is Risen!  That is reality.  Will we chose to living into his Resurrection?   During the last week of Lent I touched on something that has proved to be very life-giving to me over the years: gratitude.  One of the great tools in the process of learning to be grateful has been the Westminster Catechism, which states: “The chief end of man is to love God and enjoy him forever.”

I shy’ed way from that idea of enjoying God for most of my life mainly because 1) it’s much easier to notice what is not going well instead of what the Lord is doing, and 2) because there is a lot of hurt and pain to focus on in myself and the world around me.  Psalm 145 came as a great gift to me a number of years ago, helping me to believe that the statement of the Westminster Catechism IS the reality. 

The idea of enjoying God forever does not discount the laments of David, Isaiah and others, but if we put the laments up against the praises in scripture, they are the exception.  Yes, Jesus says that in this world we will have trouble, but how come we think that has to be the case every single day?  How come it is so natural to talk about everything that is hard, how busy we are, etc when we get together with someone? This week I am going to unpack Psalm 145 and see what it says about choosing to enjoy God today…

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