I love choices.  Put me in a corner without a choice and I will rebel, but give me a choice and I will often go the right way.  God is all about choices.  His very nature is to let us choose.  He says, “Today I am give you a choice, between a blessing and a curse.”  (Deut 11:29)  He promises a blessing if we choose to obey, and a curse if we choose to worship other God’s.  If we think about it though, we have all chosed a curse.  We have all received what we deserve.  Yet, even though we continue to reject Him and seek after other things, God continues to respond with compassion.

We have a real choice in front of us in 2009.  Everything in the media and in our world is telling us to choose the American version of a blessing: money, sex and power.  Unfortunately, that version is actually a curse, so we find ourselves where we are as a nation today.  The good news is that because of the Cross we can choose the real blessing, life with Jesus.  We are told to obey Him and this true blessing will be ours today and forever.

Prayer:  Lord, help me today to choose the blessing.  Give me eyes to see all of my pursuits that are really a curse.  Show me the way.  Amen

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