Carrying Out a Vision: Conrad Jacobsen

Connie’s memorial service was Friday, January 14th.  Marvelous was the service, from the amazing testimonies about his life from dear friends and partners in ministry, the words to the hymn’s that Connie picked out himself: “And Can It Be, and Amazing Grace”,  the scriptures that were chosen: Heb 12:1-2, Matt 22:37-39, Phil 1:20-21 and Ps 23,  listening to his granddaughter, grandson and their mom sing “All I Need”, and getting to see Connie himself on video talking to us about the grace of God.  Each of these sections of the service was remarkable in its own right, but two things stuck out to me that day.

The first was the attendance.  I am told that UPC church holds 1200 people.  Fifteen minutes before the service began only balcony seating was available.  By the time the great pipe organ finished the prelude, the balcony was full.  The 1200+that gathered to honor Connie’s life were only a small representation of the number of people that he impacted through Christ.   The second thing that stood out to me is that Jesus’ vision for Connie (and for all of us) was carried out.  In Matt 5:48 Jesus said, “Therefore you are to be teleioi, as your heavenly Father is teleios.”  The Greek word teleios means mature or full grown, having arrived at an end or objective.   On Monday, Jan 3rd Connie arrived at the end of his life here on earth having become teleios.


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Thank you Shawn for all that you have shared about Connie because it brings such glory to God. Although I didn’t know him, I have felt challenged by the importance he placed on group fellowship and am praying for a place like that for Mike & I.

What a profound and heart impacting experience it was to be at Connies memorial. To even see my photo in the powerpoint was soooooo humbling. In a time and season when people go nuts to see or meet Hollywood Entertainers, here was a man that exemplified and modeled Philippians 2:3-4…in lowliness of mind esteeming others as better than themselves and looking not just on his own things but also on the things of others. Connie always made you feel loved, validated and important enough to be a part of the grace of Jesus Christ. What bigger and better star is there than the Master Potter????? Wow! To think that I even got a seat at his memorial was excitement enough. Its greater to see that part of the mantle Connie had was passed on to Art and Shawn. The blaze of love is evident in their eyes when you look at them. Teleois is in good hands.

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