Being discipled

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It is rare that I have met someone who can be a Paul to a Timothy, who hasn’t themselves been a Timothy.  Let me explain.   As I mentioned a few posts ago, when I was in college I had someone older than me come alongside me and teach me about life and ministry.  Until I experienced being invested in, the thought never crossed my mind to do that with someone else.   It would be the equivalent of trying to teach someone else how to slalom water ski, yet having never gotten past getting up on two skis.  We can’t give away what we haven’t received.

The interesting thing about people who have been invested in (and I know a lot of them) is that they can hardly help but invest in others.  Having a Paul invest in your own life is so transformational, so impactful that it changes the way you think about life.  All of the sudden Jesus’ words, “Therefore go and make disciples…” take on a whole new meaning.  For you have been discipled, and something in your heart desires to pass on this incredible gift that you have been given.

Having a Paul, Barnabas and Timothy in your life at all times is the way to go about life.  Being open to the counsel of someone who is further along in the journey, walking with brothers or sisters who are in a similar place, and investing in those who are coming up the ranks is a lifestyle worth living.   In fact, it’s a big piece of this “life to the fullest” that Jesus talks about.


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