It’s Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  For the past number of years I have participated in Lent and it has been a great experience.  Last year over 100 of us went through Lent together reflecting on the same scriptures.  I hope if you are reading this that you decide to join us for the duration of the season.  It will be a long road and the Lord will meet us in many different ways as we reflect on what the Lord says to us about rest.

Is 30:15 tells us: “In repentance and REST is your salvation.  In quietness and trust is your strength.”  If I read that correctly, this verse has huge implications!  It says that is some mysterious way our salvation is hanging in the balance as a result of our ability to rest.  We live in a culture that has a very poor outlook on rest.  Even if we dare to participate in the invitation of the Lord to rest, our natural tendency is to feel guilty when we take a break.  As we head into this season of Lent, which will hopefully lead to a season of rest for each of us, we are wise to cast aside the cultural suggestion that rest is a bad thing.  As we begin this journey may our collective pray be, “Lord, teach is to rest.”

On this first day of Lent take 10 minutes and just try to sit and do nothing.  Yes, your mind will wander, but be easy on yourself.  We are heading out on a marathon training, teaching our bodies to rest.  Start with 10 minutes on this Ash Wednesday.  Commit that time to the Lord and see what He reveals.


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When I do this, resting in the Lord, I just allow the Lord to Love me. It is hard to do this in our culture of business. Even in our “Christian work” there is an emphasis on doing instead of being. Silence is all about “being with the Lord”, that is all, just being. Being, and allowing the Lord through the presence of the Holy Spirit to indwell us and love us. This is life changing, but it is so against everything that our culture tells us that is important. This is why I must make it a discipline, and remain faithful to being in silence no matter how I feel. Not matter how threatening it might “seem”. If I do not take the time to be still then I will never hear what the Lord has to say to me. And many times it is just silence, but even then the Lord is calming me and preparing me to love Him with not expectations, not attachments as to what I will get from the Lord. It is encouraging to be in silence with others who are committed to the same thing. May we encourage each other by being committed to being our “true self” in Christ by being committed to seeking silence, and solitude.

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