Ash Wednesday: Releasing Control

Here we go!  It’s Day 1 of Lent 2012, Ash Wednesday.   This year I am taking a look at   the temptation to be in control of my own life.  I plan to reflect on this idea of control each day, looking at Scripture and teachings I have come across on this subject over the next 40 days.   This is a bit of a daunting task for me, as I know that my own tendency is to want to be in control of everything.  I don’t like that about myself, but that is my reality today.  I believe that the Lord can change me, and I hope that this invitation to join me in taking a deeper look at our tendency towards control will be an encouragement to you.  I don’t come at this as one who has this figured out, but instead as a student trusting that the Lord will show up in this process.

The Lenten season is about surrendering some aspect of our lives to the Lord that we cannot change on our own.  I can’t change my desire for control, but I believe the Lord can do this.  Whether this is a know struggle of yours or not, I hope these findings about the temptation to control helpful.

Thanks be to God!

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