Armed for the battle

“You have armed me with strength for the battle.”  Ps 18:39

Just a few vs earlier David says, “He (the Lord) trains my hands for battle.” (v31)  The battle that David is referring to here goes way beyond his experience on the battle field.   The battle is for his life, his heart, his relationship to God and others.  His life experience  tells him that there is a battle to fight in all areas of his life.  One man put it this way, “Anything worth having will require you to fight for it.”  My eyes were opened a few years ago to John 10:10.  To say open, I mean I began to understand the whole verse.  For many years I focused only on the second half of the verse, “…life to the fullest.”  I somehow missed the part, “the thief comes to kill, steal, destroy.”  That’s why God gives us the strength for battle, and trains us for it, because the thief is opposing us.  The last thing Satan wants is for us to live life to the fullest.  So there are two real forces at war for our hearts, and the only way we will end up on the side of love is to fight.  That means I have to fight to make a conscious effort today to get time alone with Jesus, to serve my wife, to engage with my kids when my mind is racing, to pray for, encourage and be present with those I minister with and to on a daily basis.  Throughout the day I must choose to fight.

Prayer:  Oh Lord, that I might engage in the battle today.  The battle that you call me to, the battle for my own heart and the hearts of others.  Have mercy on me.  Amen

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