Are We “IN” or “OUT”?

Most of us have been taught that before we knew God we are on the outside.  It’s an “US/ THEM” mentality.  The goal is to get from point A (not being a Christian) to point B (being a Christian).  That sounds about right but is it Biblical?

What if we are all in the same place?  What if we are all, every single one of us, right in the middle of it all?  Imagine God as Father, Son, Spirit.  Three Nalgene bottles sitting in a triangle.  Yes I know this is a bad illustration of the Trinity and no one can explain the Trinity, but go with me here.  Got the mental picture, three nalgene bottles in a triangle?   Now take a business card and set it right in the middle.  That is where we are.  All of us, regardless of what you think about God and Jesus, regardless of how you are currently living your life, this is where you are.  Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus we have been included.  I’m not getting into salvation and universalism here, what I am talking about is where we are in the eyes of God.  God has made room for us.  God has made room in his life for you.

The truest way to love someone is to make room for them in our lives.  That is what God has done.   God is within himself community.  At all times in conversation with himself as Father, Son and Spirit.  His great invitation is for each of us to accept this inclusion, to respond to it.  To join in the conversation and to be different because of it.


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