Angels at the Nativity


I (Anna) love this depiction of the Nativity painted by Brian Kershisnik!  The original painting is bigger than life size 88×204, which only makes sense.  The multitude of Angels coming to get a glimpse of baby Jesus, God in flesh and blood. Going out to spread the Good News that a Savior has been born…..who is Christ the Lord! Joseph with his hand on his face looking a bit overwhelmed, thankful to have found a stable just in the nick of time. Mary, who must be exhausted after just giving birth, looks full of peace and joy,  comforting Joseph with her hand on his.  The midwives looking on…because there would have certainly been women who would have come to help Mary. If a woman was giving birth in your garage, wouldn’t you go and help her? Lastly, Mary nursing Jesus, providing nourishment to her baby, God’s Son.  It’s the best! So raw, so mind blowing, so real…God came as a human! Wow! Absolutely amazing!

Merry Christmas


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