“And I thought that he walked on water…”

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That is a great line of an old Randy Travis song that describes Granddad to a T.

There are a few other standout moments with Granddad that have shaped who I am today.  One was Sunday morning church. Most of the time we went to our church “in town”, but occasionally we would go with Granddad to his church in the country.  It was a small church with 50 to 70 members.  Granddad would lead the singing each week from the old hymnal.   The grandkids (and there were 5 of us) would all sit in the choir pews right next to where Granddad was standing.  My childlike faith began to form through seeing him up there leading songs about Jesus and His goodness.

Granddad passed away in his sleep when I was a junior in high school.  It was so shocking to me because he wasn’t sick and was still strong as a horse.  The day of his funeral may have been the biggest lesson I learned from my granddad.  He was a quiet man who didn’t go on and on about anything.  His smile and gentle spirit did most of the talking, and he was a great listener.  The number of people that packed into that old country church is what spoke to me so loudly that day.  Folks came from all around to honor this great man.   As I looked around at the crowd that was spilling outside the church, something in me said, “I want to be like him someday.”


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