An Adventure to Remember

A week ago today I departed for the Smiling Mouse Ranch on the Madison River in Montana.  Me and two other men from Teleios departed Seattle for Bozman and drove two hours to our destination.  The scene when we arrived was like something out of a movie.  We got off the highway that follows the Madison River and saw a huge sign that read River House.  It was actually two houses that sit on the Madison.  We stayed on the private dirt road and crossed over the river up into the hills.   We drove for 10 minutes through pretty rough terrain and arrived at the ranch.  Chris, the professional guide and fly fishing teacher was doing a clinic on a huge piece of grassy area in front of the lodge.  Jeans, straw cowboy hat and a big smile, fly rod en tote.  As we got out of the vehicle he said, “Welcome boys.  Grab a rod and come on out here for a few basics in casting.”  Ten men, Chris and Ken (facilitator) gathered on the front porch to begin our six-day adventure together.  The owner of the ranch Jan was also there to begin our time together.  We went around the circle for short intro’s and made our way into the lodge of our first meal together.  Jason, the resident chef, cooked an amazing meal.  Wine was flowing, our taste buds were dancing and we had an epic first evening together.  My cabin mate and I unpacked our gear (the cabins were incredible!) We finished the night around the coolest firepit I have ever scene.  Cigars, getting to know the guys, and a loose schedule of events from Chris and Ken.  We hit the rack around 11:00 PM to rest up for our first day on the Madison River….

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