“All I want for Christmas..”

“…is my two front teeth”  come on!  Why did we sing that song?  What boy would possibly only want his front teeth on the biggest gift giving day of the year.  It’s idealistic, it’s catchy, and it’s not true.
What is true is what God desires from us.  “When you finally settle in the land I am giving you, you will offer special gifts as a pleasing aroma to the Lord.”  (Num 15:2) God is talking to the Isrealites here, and telling then what their response is to be when they get to the Promise Land, gratitude.
God goes on to list a myriad of possible gifts that these men can give.  The theme of each one is surrender.  God doesn’t ask them for an offering because he needs it.  He asks, because he knows that life is fully by giving ourselves away.  When Jesus came on the scene he said, “Anyone who would come after me must deny self, take up their cross and follow me.” (Lk 9:23) Life is in the surrender.  As we see in Numbers, there are many different things that qualify as an offering.   What are you offering to God?

Prayer:  God, you desire an offering, not for yourself, but so that I can be set free.  Show me what you would like me to offer.  I give myself to you.  Amen

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