I was sitting in church Sunday and our pastor ended his sermon with this statement: “Adventure begins when we give our lives away.” I learned a number of years ago that men are created for adventure.  It’s just part of God’s design.   In Scripture every time God gets a hold of someone he takes them on an adventure:  Abram, David, Peter, Paul.   Jesus’ three years with the disciples was just one big adventure.  These men threw down there nets, walked away from family and friends and headed off on this adventure with Jesus.

That’s great, those are the disciples.  What about me?   Does this mean that the greatest adventures in my life are going to be from giving my life away?  I guess this reality begs another question: How am I giving my life away?  It’s way too easy to focus on self.  I guess that’s why Jesus says that anyone who would come after me must deny self, take up his cross and follow me. (Mk 8:34)  As long as we are looking at ourselves, we cannot join in this great adventure with the Creator of all things.


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