Advent…Not the Perfect Start

Ok, full truth…Advent snuck up on us this year. I am usually pretty calculated. I think I became accustomed to the late Advent start the past few years, but as it were. Here we go.

Despite not realizing it was Advent until we got to church yesterday, we still managed to participate in our family Advent rituals at home, namely the kids playing with the nativity scene, a few Christmas songs and the lighting of the first Advent candle. By the way, how many names can be given to the first candle of Advent, or any of the candles for that matter?

Names for the 4 candles depending on which faith tradition is naming them:

Promise, Light, Love, Hope

Hope, Peace, Joy, Love

Prophecy, Bethlehem, Shepherd, Angel

Hope, Preparation, Joy, Love

Prophecy, Way, Joy, Peace

Expectation, John the Baptist, Mary, Magi

Waiting for the Shepherd, Waiting for Forgiveness, Waiting for Joy, Waiting for the Son

There is a lot of use of the word “waiting” in the last naming. I guess that is a good thing since Advent is the season of waiting.

This scene describes the kick off of Advent pretty well for our family…


The Nativity “team” is a little out of sorts. Animals on their side or upside down, stoic camel, Jesus out of the turned over manger and nowhere to be seen, a wise man in the distance staying away from the chaos…at least Gabriel the Angel is overseeing the confusion.

With Anna finishing her first quarter of grad school studying for finals, kids coming off of 9 days with no school and dad fighting off his tendency to control the outcome of this important kickoff to the Advent season, we appreciated that the Nativity “team” didn’t have it all together either. So, despite our less than ideal beginning, we are doing Advent anyway. I am planning my usual few post a week during the season, and look forward to learning along the way.

Our plan this year for Advent readings:

First Sunday of Advent Luke 1: 5-25 (did this one on the fly and it worked out)

Second Sunday of Advent Luke 1:26-38

Third Sunday of Advent Luke 1:39-56

Fourth Sunday of Advent Luke 1:67-80

Fifth Sunday of Advent (Christmas Day! Luke 2:1-24)

Perfect starts to anything are way overrated.


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