Advent 2016-Believing We are Loved

It’s Advent Season again… How did that happen?  This Advent Season I am going to be exploring practical ways that we can believe the truth that we are loved. Ten years ago I began a journey with the Lord that has changed everything! It is the journey of moving the truth that we are loved by God from the head to the heart. I have spent the past three years working on a book, putting this process to pen. 43,000 words and counting.

This Advent season I need your help.  Would you consider trying one of two of the things that have helped me transition God’s love from the head to the heart and let me know how it goes for you?

A little more background: In the past twenty years, many books have been written about being God’s Beloved. A lot people have come to understand this truth as a concept, but haven’t learned to believe it as a daily reality. In the book I have been working on I take an in depth look at Jesus’ emphasis on belief and write about my own journey in the process of learning to believe.

So, let’s do this together.  Let’s look at Jesus’ teaching and see if we can move a little closer to believing the amazing truth that God loves us!

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