Shawn Petree

This is the section where most people lists 5 or 6 things they “do” to draw you in. I’m not about doing, I’m about being. If you have any interest in finding out who you are, which is way bigger than what you do, keep reading.

So who am I:

I am a strong, confident, warm, truthful, assertive, creative, courageous man.

Twenty years ago I was sitting at my desk at an accounting firm where I worked and thought, “I really like working with numbers, but people fascinating me more.” So I left my job, went to graduate school to learn more about the deeper questions of life and people, and joined a non-profit that builds relationships with hurting teenagers.

In 2008 I spent a week with fifteen middle-class sophomore boys. Throughout the course of the week I learned that twelve of the fifteen boys didn’t have a relationship with their fathers. Soon after I returned from that trip I decided to get on the other side of the pain of these boys and build relationships with men. I guess that’s what you could say I “do” now through Teleios in Seattle.

But as I mentioned, I am not about doing, I am about being. That’s quite a jump for the lonely, Type A, hard charging, workaholic, addiction prone young man I once was.

Bottom line, I’ve learned the answer to the biggest question I believe everyone is asking, AM I LOVED? So can you.

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