A Morning Prayer

I wrote this a few years ago and pray this each morning to get my bearing for the day:

Holy Trinity, today I surrender every aspect of my life totally and completely to you.  I give it all to You, I release control, You are capable, I believe that you can do this, I will not give into fear today.

This morning I turn once more toward the Kingdom of God and away from the kingdom of ________ (insert your name) Holy Trinity, give me the attitude today of constant awareness, that I do not have the right to be sinful, to act sinful.  Oh God, uncreated and without beginning, deliver me today from the passions of pride, vanity, self-will and unbelief.

Oh bless’ed Father, I receive your forgiveness today.  As I begin this day I am clean, forgiven, ready to enter into your great story and into the battle of life with You.  I believe today that I am loved, that my heart is good, and that it matters to you oh God.  I know that as I sit here this morning I am simply entering into an ongoing conversation that You are already having, an ongoing relationship that You have invited me into.  I am engaged, all of me is here, speak Holy Trinity for I am listening.

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